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Posters List
K. Bhattacharya Cosmological bounce in quadratic f(R) gravity
F. Cyr-Racine Not all relativistic species are born equal: moving beyond free-streaming radiation
A. Deshamukhya Chromo natural inflation
A. Deutsch Inflation: long wavelegth modes and non-Gaussianities
A. Ducout Minkowski functionals estimates on fNL^local and gNL
A. Ferté Detecting the physics of the primordial universe through the CMB polarisation
C. Fidler The polarised bispectrum of the CMB
S. Gariazzo Light Sterile Neutrinos and Inflationary Freedom
O. Hrycyna From dynamical models to cosmological observables
K. Kamada CMB anisotropies from cosmic strings in the delayed scaling scenario
K. Kumar Two 3-forms inflation and non-Gaussianity
N. Minamitsuji Disformal transformation of cosmological perturbations
R. Saito Geodesic curve-of-sight formulae for the CMB
O. Svendsen Quantum corrected inflation 

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