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Observation internships “lycée”

These internships are meant for high-school students (from 10th to 12th grade). They were created by the National Education Department, and they introduce young students to the professional world.
These internships consist of discovering the various professions in astronomy and astrophysics. To this end, meetings are organized with lab members carrying out different institute activities. Tutored personal work is offered to students. These internships last 5 days during the same week, and are organized for groups of a dozen interns.

To apply for such an internship, please send a cover letter and a curriculum vita (CV) - both written in French - via regular mail to:

Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
98bis boulevard Arago
75014 Paris.

Do not send your request by email.
Your cover letter must be handwritten by you, original and genuine (avoid letters found on the Internet for example). Please provide the internship dates defined by your high school.

In your (typed) CV, please indicate your date of birth, the address of your school, your class, your extra-curricular activities, books you’ve read, the contact you’ve had with sciences and astronomy, especially during school holidays, and the public lectures you may have attended. A letter of recommendation from your principal teacher would be welcome and should arrive in the same mail as the cover letter and CV.
Please indicate an email address at which you can be reached: an acknowledgment of receipt email will be sent upon receipt of your documents.
Do not send any academic report card.
Do not send convention forms.

There are many applications for very few spots. The answer (positive or negative) will be sent to your email address the day after the application deadline (see schedule below). Applications must be prepared soon after the dates of the internship are announced by your high school.

Once an application is accepted, an internship agreement is jointly, and mandatorily, drafted by the interns’ school and the CNRS, according to a procedure that will be sent to your email address.

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