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Public conferences

Since 1995, the Institut d'astrophysique de Paris has been organizing public conferences devoted mainly to astrophysics, but also to physics, the history of science, space, biology and the origin of life, new technologies, societal issues, climate, philosophy, medicine, arts etc.

  • The monthly conferences devoted mainly to astrophysics take place on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • Since 2022, another cycle entitled “Carte blanche à...” for the purpose of addressing the other disciplines more broadly, is offered on the third Tuesday of each month.

The conferences are held in French in the amphitheatre of the institute, and start at 19:30.

The conferences are video recorded and live streamed on the Youtube channel of the institute, and visible online on Canal-U Web TV, about a week after their capture.

The short film directed by Jean Mouette (in French), on the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the conferences dedicated mainly to astrophysics can be seen on Canal-U Web TV.

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