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Other colloquia and workshops

The lab regularly hosts colloquia and workshops that focus on particular subjects which are chosen amongst the different fields and projects of the lab. These meetings last several days and are intended for professionals only.

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    Wednesday 12 December 2018 - Friday 14 December 2018

    « First LISA astrophysics working group workshop »

    The LISA Astrophysics Working Group engages the astrophysical community, representing an environment for discussion of LISA science and allow for novel science to be included in LISA’s science objectives: study the formation and evolution of compact binary stars in the Milky Way Galaxy; trace the origin, growth and merger history of massive black holes across cosmic ages; probe the dynamics of dense nuclear clusters using extreme mass-ratio inspirals (EMRIs); understand the astrophysics of stellar origin black holes; probe the rate of expansion of the Universe.
    Contact : Marta Volonteri
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Member of the ILP and ESP LabEx
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