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Organized by:

Delphine Charbonneau
Martin Lemoine
Jérôme Martin
Patrick Peter
Jean-Philippe Uzan

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Francis Bernardeau (Service de Physique Théorique - CEA)
Philippe Brax (Service de Physique Théorique - CEA)
Fabio Finelli (IASF/INAF, Bologna)
Michael Joyce (LPNHE - UPMC)
Martin Lemoine (IAP)
Yannick Mellier (Observatoire de Paris /IAP)
Jérôme Martin (IAP)
Patrick Peter (IAP)
François Bouchet (IAP)
Jean-Philippe Uzan (IAP)

Inflation became established as the standard model of the very early Universe during the 1980s and is now regarded as one of the most important development in our cosmological thinking. The inflationary scenario has already gone through several stages of development during its short history. Soon after the 1981 seminal paper by Alan Guth, taken to mark the birthdate of the inflation paradigm, several versions of inflation were constructed but it became a paradigm only after chaotic inflation was formulated by Andrei Linde in 1983. Interestingly enough, there are now a large number of observations (CMB observations by COBE, WMAP, galaxies surveys by SDSS, 2DF, etc ...) that seem to support the idea of Inflation and indicate that it is on the right track.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the first complete inflationary scenario, we propose to review the main results obtained during the last 20 years and to make a synthesis of the ongoing research. In particular, from a theoretical point of view, the question of how inflation is related to high energy physics theories such as supersymmetry, supergravity or string theory will be thoroughly discussed. In addition, we shall be interested in how Inflation is now constrained by the currently available sets of data and what we can hope to learn from future experiments (such as the Planck experiment).

The conference fees are 250 euros for early registration (before April 15th) and 300 euros for late registration
(between April 16th and May 15th). Registration will close on May 15th.

This timely gathering of some of the leading cosmologists will be followed by a two week workshop
during which a small (around 30) number of people will stay at IAP to discuss in more details various issues related to recent developments.