XXIIIrd IAP Conference

"From giant arcs to CMB lensing: 20 years of gravitational distortion"
in Honour of Bernard Fort.


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Monday, July 2nd

Speaker Title
P. Schneider Cosmic shear
J. Benjamin Cosmological constraints from the 100 square degree weak lensing survey
R. Massey Cosmic scaffolding and the growth of structure
T. Schrabback Cosmic shear analysis of HST/ACS data
L. Fu Cosmic shear using CFHTLS
T. Hamana Subaru weak lensing cluster survey
K. Kuijken STEP and the measurement of galaxy ellipticity
X. Er Weak lensing goes flexion
B. Rowe Weak gravitational flexion in the HST-GEMS survey

Tuesday, July 3rd

Speaker Title
J.-P. Kneib Strong and weak lensing in clusters of galaxies
J. De Diego MS2053.7-0449: Confirmation of a bimodal mass distribution from strong gravitational lensing
M. Limousin Mapping dark matter in galaxy clusters on different scales using gravitational lensing
M. Jee Discovery of a dark matter ring in the core of the cluster CL0024+17 at z=0.4
G. Soucail Scaling relations in clusters of galaxies: what gravitational lensing can tell us
J. Wambsganss Arc statistics
D. Spergel Atacama Cosmology Telescope + CMB Lensing
A. Vallinotto Weak lensing of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
C. Schimd Extended quintessence by cosmic shear
J.-P. Uzan Lensing and cosmological tests of general relativity
R. Sanders Gravitational lensing with modified gravity
D. Clowe A direct empirical proof of the existence of dark matter
B. Jain Testing dark energy and modified gravity with weak lensing and large scale structures

Wednesday, July 4th

Speaker Title
D. Narasimha Large scale magnetic field in lensing clusters
M. Bartelmann Arcs and what they teach us
R. Cabanac Galaxy Groups within the CFHTLS Strong Lensing Legacy Survey
R. Teyssier/C. Pichon Numerical simulations with Mare Nostrum and Horizon 4Pi
S. Hilbert Ray-tracing through the Millennium Simulation
M. Meneghetti Realistic lensing simulations and constraints on the cluster inner structure
D. Aubert Smooth particle lensing
H. Hoekstra What did and can we learn from galaxy-galaxy lensing?
P. Marshall First results from HAGGLeS
T. Treu Luminous and dark matter in early type galaxies
R. Gavazzi The double Einstein ring SDSSJ0946+1006 
M. Bradac Dark matter and the highest redshift galaxies: measuring the invisible with gravitational lensing
A. Guimaraes Bayesian analysis of joint strong gravitational lensing and dynamic galactic mass in SLACS: evidence of line-of-sight contamination
L. Parker The masses and shapes of dark matter halos from galaxy-galaxy lensing in the CFHTLS
M. Hudson Galaxy-galaxy lensing results from CFHTLS-WIDE ugriz data

Thursday, July 5th

Speaker Title
C. Faure Strong lenses in the COSMOS field
S. Suyu Dissecting the gravitational lens B1608+656
A. Lewis Lensing of the CMB
S. Das How to simulate a lensed CMB sky
O. Doré Detection of gravitational lensing in the CMB
R. Ellis Lensing as a probe of early galaxy formation
J. Richard Studying the very high redshift universe with gravitational telescopes
R. Pelló Studying the first galaxies with lensing clusters
O. Czoske Integral field spectroscopy of SLACS lenses
B. Ménard Magnification and reddening by galaxies measured with the SDSS
F. Abdalla Photo-z from the ground and weak lensing from space: the role of photometry
E. Buckley-Geer A search for strongly lensed high-z LBGs around SDSS LRGs

Friday, July 6th

Speaker Title
R. Webster Microimaging Quasars: a new probe of quasar physics
M. Takada Statistics on second and higher moments of the shear and implications to cosmology
O. Cappé Bayesian methods and cosmological models
A. Challinor Power spectrum estimation: lessons from CMB polarization
S. Bridle The galaxy-galaxy lensing contribution to the cosmic shear two-point function
P. Simon Galaxy-Galaxy-Galaxy lensing in RCS
T. Eifler Optimized cosmic shear statistics
A. Taylor Next generation surveys: scientific, observational and instrumental challenges
A. Réfrégier The Dark Universe Explorer
A. Tyson Billion galaxy weak lensing survey
S. Miyazaki Weak lensing survey using subaru and the future prospect
S. White Summary

Poster list

Author Title
E. Boyce ELVIS: Searching for central images
R. Cabanac Galaxy Groups within the CFHTLS Strong Lensing Legacy Survey
E. Cypriano The dynamical state of massive galaxy clusters
J. Dietrich Combined weak lensing, optical, and X-ray search for galaxy clusters
X. Er Weak lensing goes flexion
B. Frye The Sextet Arcs: a Strongly Lensed Lyman Break Galaxy in the ACS Arclet Redshift Survey towards Abell 1689
C. Grillo Cosmological parameters from strong gravitational lensing and stellar dynamics in elliptical galaxies  
A. Halkola Strong lensing in galaxy cluster RXJ 1347-1145
J. Hartlap Weak lensing with the Millennium Simulation
M. Hetterscheidt Cosmic shear analyses using observations
K. Holhjem The density profiles of the galaxy clusters Abell 1351 and Abell 1995
H. Israel The 400d X-ray Survey: the weak lensing follow-up programme
E. Jullo Bayesian approach to strong lensing modelling of galaxy clusters
M. Lerchster Shear-tomography of clusters of galaxies
M. Maturi Searching for galaxy clusters through weak lensing
R. B. Metcalf Gravitational lensing of the pregalactic 21cm emission
R. Mittal Free-free absorption in the double-image quasar JVAS B0218+357
A.-M. Mosquera Chromatic microlensing
N. Okabe Subaru weak lensing study of X-ray luminous clusters
J. Pielorz Non-gaussian covariance of the power spectrum in weak lensing
J. Rzepecki Modified hausdorff distance as a method for extended images fitting
B. Schaefer Intrinsic galaxy alignments as a weak lensing contaminant
E. Semboloni Effect of masks on the shear power spectrum